It was that day when i noticed a guy. He’s tall, dark, and smart. Sorry, but he’s really not that handsome. He has a different sense of humor, a debater and probably a good student leader. And this is how our story goes…

In our English class when we were in 2nd year, our project was to deliver a speech about anything we want. I exactly forgot what was his speech about. So, that time, when it was his turn to deliver the speech, i wasn’t there because we were so busy for the campaign, but after that i kept on teasing him “uy, kapogi mo." Yes, i was teasing him. Oh well. As time pass by, i didn’t knew that i was falling in love. It was a long time ago when i had a serious love thingy in my life and i was Grade 6 that time, too young for that right? When my friends decided to play truth or dare, there was a chance that i was the one who was asked if truth or dare, so i chose truth. They all agreed to one question, "Is toot your crush?" without any hesitation, i just nodded. And that’s where it all started. 

Time goes by, it was still a one sided love. I always hear a lot of things about his crush but i still keep on going. It doesn’t affect me, no, it actually does, a lot. But what can i do? You can’t just please everybody, it takes time. It needed a lot of patience. Eventually, as a girl, i don’t want to be assuming at that time. But whenever guys do something for us, we really want to know if it means something right? He always make akbay, sits beside me, and etc. I can really feel the kilig in my bones. I can never forget December 10, 2011. That day we had our picture with matching akbay. After that, i can already feel something.

The highlight of the story happened last March 3, 2012. JS Prom, he was my first and last dance, we had our picture together, etc. But after a month, something unexpected happened. To make the story short. He chose to let me go, not because he doesn’t like me anymore, but he likes my friend even more. He told me that he still likes her and that he didn’t stop liking this girl. What did i do? I let him go even though he mean so much to me. 

It was actually a four sided love story. A lot of sacrifices, heartbreaks, pains and tears. But two of these four people, sacrificed their love for the other two to be happy. They got hurt so much, but they believed time would heal all the wounds.

It has been 8 months after that sudden heartbreak. Do you think, it is already possible for me to fall in love? I mean, do you think, i deserve someone really much better than the guy a loved before? Well, now, for me, yes i do. 

Forgive. For everything that they have done. For all the sleepless nights, pains and tears. 

Forget. The heart doesn’t actually forget easily. It takes time, so patiently wait for it.

Forward. There are a lot of things waiting for us in the future, if we will not move on and step forward we can never experience those.

Lesson learned. Now that i have a crush again, be more careful and pray. It works. ♥ 

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